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The Ilsetal

A paradise for hikers

The Ilsetal has got its name from the little mountain river Ilse flowing through the valley. The Ilse has a total length of 40 km and the source is located at the Brocken on more than 100 metres height. In particular beautiful is a hiking tour through the Ilse valley along the Ilse. The hiking trail along the mountain river is named Heinrich-Heine-Weg, one of the most beautiful paths to reach the Brocken. Worth to have a look in the Ilsetal are the Ilse falls with their cascades or also the Froschfelsen (frog rock). It is a nature monument, a formation of granite rocks resembling a sitting frog. On the way back to the exit of the wild romantic Ilse valley, you will reach the city of Ilsenburg.


"On the way to the Brocken the Ilse accompanied us, the lower and upper Ilsefalls were very impressive." - Family from the Harz

The Ilsestein

A wonderful view to the Ilse valley

The Ilsestein (Ilse Stone) is located 100 metres above the river Ilse and offers a beautiful view to the hiker. History has it that a castle stood there dating back to 10th century, but was destroyed only 100 years later. Today you will find a cross on the Ilsestein erected by the Count of Stolberg-Wernigerode.


From Ilsestein you can enjoy a beautiful view on the Brocken and the entire valley.

Leisure time in the Ilsetal

A Harz vacation in particular for families!

You won’t get bored, the Ilsetal (Ilse valley) has something to offer in terms of leisure opportunities.

However, in Ilsenburg, nature is deemed to be the biggest Abenteuerspielplatz (adventure playground). The Kneipp cure installation, directly located in the Ilse valley also offers sports, fun and pleasure also to the smallest ones. The water of the Ilse river is directly led into the installation. Water height can be regulated, so also children may have fun there. Beside this installation, a great water playground was created.

Marksmanship is the challenge of the recently installed Disc-Golf Anlage in the Ilse valley. Here you have to throw your Frisbee from determined throwing points into the various baskets. The Ilse valley offers great fun for families, groups and simply everyone!


The water playground is located right in the Ilsetal on the calm festival meadow.

Well prepared is half hiked

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