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Parks and gardens

The Friedenspark (peace park)

Just relax and enjoy

On the other side of the dam, separating the Forellenteich (trout pond) from the centre of Ilsenburg, the Friedenspark – (peace park) formerly Bürgerpark is located. Beautiful water cascades and a fountain invite to linger. An old wheel chamber (part of the Industrielehrpfades (Industrial Heritage Trail) From Ore to Metal opens to the onlooker in the midst of old trees. In the old days, an iron rolling factory was operating on the site of today’s school. Festwiese (Fairground) at the Ilse river.

"We love walks in Ilsenburg", family W. 

Festwiese (Fairground) at the Ilse river

Experience nature in the Ilse valley

The Festwiese (fairground) directly located in the Ilsetal offers many experiences for small and big visitors. There is a Kneipp cure installation where also the smallest can play and do sports. The water of the Ilse river is directly led into the installation. Water height can be regulated, so also children may have fun there. Beside this installation, a great water playground was created.

In addition, you may discover some of the baskets in our disc golf facility, to play on it you can either use your own discs or borrow some at the tourist information  for 24 hours for a fee.


"Relaxation on the "Festwiese" is guaranteed.", family D. from Berlin


Landschaftspark Bruch

An idyllic biotope

The Landscape Park Bruch is located in the middle of the district Darlingerode and was created with a lot of civic engagement. Even at the time of the GDR, the first trees were planted. Age-spanning, the Darlingeröder are committed to their "Bruch".
It has become a true natural treasure over the years. More than 200 trees and rare plants can now be found in this unique park.

"The Bruch Landscape Park - a wonderfully natural oasis", family S. from Markleeberg

Schlosspark (Castle Park) Ilsenburg

Garden dreams in Ilsenburg

The monastery and palace ensemble is one of the cultural highlights of Ilsenburg. The castle park borders directly on this area and has been part of the "Gartenträume" (Garden dreams) tourism project since 2017.

The 20-hectare site is special because the design of the Ilsenburg castle park is based on 19th century English landscape gardens and shows a smooth transition into the adjoining forest. The old ditch and path network is also clearly visible. 

"The palace park was awarded the "Gartenträume" in 2019."


The convent gardens of Drübeck

Beauty and relaxation at the old convent estate

The convent gardens were installed in the 18th century. In particular the 300-year-old convent lime tree is worth to mention. The five gardens of the canonesses surrounded by walls were designed as individual formal gardens, the paths aligned as a simple cross, which could be overlooked from a garden house. The gardens and the garden houses were used by the individual canonesses as a place to relax and to reflect. Visitors may discover an herbs garden and a large meadow with fruit trees and a stone labyrinth.

"An evening walk through the beautiful gardens of Drübeck Abbey is balm for the soul",  family B. from Dortmund


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