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Group experiences

in Ilsenburg and surroundings

Are you traveling with a group and do not yet know what you can do with us in Ilsenburg?

Here we have looked for very special suggestions for your vacation together. Whether with a coffee in our friendly restaurants and cafés, looking for cultural traces or hiking in the beautiful Ilsetal. Ilsenburg has a lot to offer.

If you are traveling with a group, please contact the tourist information office early enough so that your very special group experience can be organized without any problems.

Ilsenburg in one day

You want to visit Ilsenburg as a group, but have little time in your suitcase. We once searched all the important and interesting sights together to offer you the best possible experience in one day. All proposals should be discussed in good time so that there is no capacity problem. You are also welcome to find out more about other group offers from the tourist information office.

Start: Tour through the culture of Ilsenburg


When you arrive in Ilsenburg, simply start with a city tour.

Picturesque alleys, old half-timbered houses, idyllic ponds - get to know Ilsenburg on a city tour.

Duration: approx 1.5 hours

Cost: from € 36.00

Other: in German, partially barrier-free

You will find alternatives to the city tour here.

Reservation of the tour: Tourist-Information Ilsenburg . +49 39452/19433


"Spend an unforgettable day in Ilsenburg"


Culture in the historic Marienhof

During your city tour, you have definitely passed the Marienhof. Two cultural institutions in one house - the ironworks and technology museum on the history of the ironworks industry in the village with vivid models, art castings from the Fürst Stolberg ironworks and gallery, and the city library with plenty of reading for young and old.

Group tours are also possible in the hut and technology museum. We kindly ask you to call back on time.

The new address/phone number of the museum administration is as of 1 May 2020:
Kunstgussmuseum, Marktplatz 1, 38871 Ilsenburg – 039452/481686

"You can experience history at the Marienhof"

Strengthen and relax with the warmest restaurateurs


After your visit to Ilsenburg's past, Ilsenburg offers tasty places to stop and relax. Let us spoil you with culinary delights and enjoy the good cuisine of the Ilsenburg restaurateurs. The upscale cuisine also caters to the gastro-critics, while small restaurants along the way offer delicious home-style cooking. You can get everything you would like to.

In our small picturesque inner city there are many cozy restaurants in historic buildings. In addition to regional dishes and German cuisine, Ilsenburg also offers a varied range of international delicacies.

We have provided an overview of all restaurants and cafés on our website. Again, you should make sure to reserve well in advance.


Restaurants & Cafés

After coffee into Ilsenburg's former life


The art casting exhibition, which can be found in the former Fürst Stolberg Hütte, offers an interesting insight into former life in Ilsenburg.
Opening times: by arrangement
Eduard-Schott-Str. 1-6. 38871 Ilsenburg. +49 39452/87266. Contact person Mr. Eggert

"Or maybe a whole weekend in Ilsenburg?"


A weekend in Ilsenburg


Do you want to enjoy a whole weekend in Ilsenburg and still don't really know what to do with your time? Then we have exactly the right recommendations for your very special weekend with us in the most charming town in the Harz Mountains.

You can find suitable accommodation for your relaxing holiday on our website under Accommodation or you can call us at the tourist information.

Please note that accommodations have a capacity limit and are usually fully booked during the season. We therefore ask you to register groups in advance as early as possible.

Start with fresh air at Drübeck Abbey

Benedictine women lived in Drübeck Abbey, just a few kilometers away. The monastery - presumably founded in 960 - and the associated church shape the silhouette of the town to this day. The extensive grounds with the unique monastery gardens invite you to linger.

Do you not even want to be guided through the monastery complex in the old clothes by Abbess Christiane Eleonore Countess zu Stolberg Wernigerode in the old garb?
For group tours, please reserve early enough so that there are no capacity problems.

until 6 pm 8,50 € per person / 7,00 € for pupils and students
from 6 pm 9,50 € per person / 7,00 € for pupils and students

more: in German, partially barrier-free

Appointments: Drübeck Monastery . 039452/94307

"Enjoy the start of the day on the beautiful grounds of the Drübeck Monastery."


To Ilsenburg on the Harzer Monastery Trail


After the eventful tour, say goodbye to the abbess and follow the Harzer Monastery Trail  towards Ilsenburg. There is a lot of beautiful nature to see on the monastery hiking trail. Relax and enjoy the Ilsenburg air. Perhaps you will also discover one of the 15 angel banks along the Harzer Monastery Trail . The benches are provided with individual blessings and a QR code with information about the route and location. Get your very own stamp booklet with individual stamps to make a pilgrimage. When all the stamps have been collected, a great hiking pin awaits you. Follow the Harzer Monastery Trail until Kloster Ilsenburg.

DURATION: approx. 1 hour

LENGTH: approx. 3.5 kilometers


"The monastery hiking trail leads you to Ilsenburg"


Continue with the combined tour of the city and monastery

As soon you arrive at Ilsenburg Abbey you can immerse yourself in the history of the monastery. It was founded around 1018 and was once one of the most influential Benedictine monasteries in the Harz region. The monastery church of St. Peter and Paul contains preserved fragments of a unique plaster screed from the 12th century.

The Ilsenburg Monastery Foundation and the Friends and Sponsors of Ilsenburg Monastery e.V. are gradually restoring the premises. You can already enjoy numerous concerts and events in the atmospheric rooms. Simple accommodation options were also created here.

After an informative tour of the facility, stroll through the idyllic inner city of Ilsenburg.

Duration: about 2 hours

Cost: from € 67.00

Other: in German, partially barrier-free

You can find alternatives to the combined tour here.

Reservation of the tour: Tourist Information Ilsenburg. +49 39452/19433


Ilsenburg monastery



"On the combined tour you can discover the monastery church and the urban area of Ilsenburg."


Your second day in Ilsenburg


Spend the second day in Ilsenburg with some history and culture. From the Metallurgy and technology museum to the Fürst Stolberg hut, Ilsenburg shows an exciting past. An exhibition on the development of the iron and steel industry and the art casting of the Ilsenburger Hütte from the early 16th to the 20th century and romantic painting by Ilsenburg artists await you in the museum.

The Heimatstube also offers an interesting insight into the former life of Ilsenburg. It shows many art castings that are reminiscent of the earlier iron production in Ilsenburg, for which the city has been known for centuries.

Remember to register your group in time for a tour of the houses.

Heimatstube Ilsenburg & Iron museum. Eduard-Schott-Str. 1-6. 039452/80731. Contact person Mr. Eggert

Opening times: by arrangement

Metallurgy and technology museum. Marienhöfer Str.9b. Tel. 039452/2222. Contact person Mrs. Jana

Opening times: The museum is expected to be closed by the middle of 2024 due to renovations.


The Eisenhüttenpark


The Ilsenburger Eisenpfad leads from the past to the present. Traveled in the early Middle Ages, Ilsenburg was a place for iron production and processing. "From ore to metal" the educational path along the stream runs through Ilsenburg's history. If you are interested in a group tour, we are happy to assist you with registration or further questions.

DURATION: approx. 2-3 hours

COSTS: from € 36

FURTHER: in German, partially barrier-free

Tourismus GmbH Ilsenburg. Marktplatz 1. 039452/19433


"Experience Ilsenburg's industrial history"


Come to the Komturhof


There is also a lot to see in Darlingerode, a district of Ilsenburg. Under no circumstances should you miss the Komturhof on your trip. Interesting facts about the way of life in Ilsenburg and the surrounding area can be found in the Darlingerode home parlor. It is located in a tranquil half-timbered building that served as a courtyard until 1809. The Heimatstube shows not only the local archeology, but also a residential area around the turn of the century with a parlor, kitchen, bedroom and smokehouse. The outdoor facilities include rare field devices from old times, an oven in which baking is still carried out regularly and a saw frame. Group tours should also be requested as early as possible.

Komturhof Darlingerode. Im Winkel 3, Darlingerode +49 3943/605532

Opening hours: Registration possible with Werner Förster: +49 3943-634693


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 We wish you...


... an informative and relaxing holiday in Ilsenburg. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are also happy to help you find an suitable accommodation.

Touristinformation Ilsenburg . +49 39452/19433 . Marktplatz 1 . 38871 Ilsenburg

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