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The weather in Ilsenburg

I am packing my suitcase...

... and don't know what to take with me for a vacation in Ilsenburg. The weather in Ilsenburg is typically changeable for a Harz region. Sometimes there are cloudless skies with sun rays, sometimes days when the raincoat is worth it. Less often it happens that lightning and thunder visit us. Nevertheless, the Harz has something to offer in all seasons. Visit Ilsenburg on summer days, the swimming pools and many leisure activities invite you to have fun. In autumn you can look at colorful deciduous forests and take a hike in the foggy bogs. Winter invites you to many winter sports activities and in spring the animals from the Harz come slowly out of their caves, such as our fire salamander, which you can discover on exciting tours through the Ilsetal.


Currrent weather


The weather on the Brocken

On the highest peak in the Harz

Anyone who goes on vacation in Ilsenburg naturally wants to be on top of things. The weather on the Brocken is "unpredictable". Sometimes you have a clear view, sun rays and on some days you can hardly keep yourself from wind gusts and fog. Regardless of whether you take the narrow-gauge railway or hike on the Heinrich-Heine-Weg, every Harz holidaymaker should check the weather on the BrockenCam beforehand or in the tourist information so that the route is worth it. Because once you are on top of the Brocken, you can look out over the beautiful Harz landscape with a clear view. Sometimes even up to the Thuringian Forest.


Well prepared is half hiked

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