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The Scharfenstein-Tour

Ilsetal - Eckerstausee - Scharfenstein - Tiefenbachtal


From the "Waldhotel am Ilsestein" the walk follows along the Ilse river for about 3 kilometres. Through the large Sandtal the circular trail leads to the Crucifix. From there to the reservoir Eckerstausee. Here you do not follow the dam, but walk along the perimeter of the reservoir, where the hiking trail is clearly signposted with a green marker, direction Scharfenstein. You should not miss the ascent to the Scharfensteinklippe , as you have a wonderful view from there.


DURATION: about 5 hours

LENGTH: about 19 kilometres

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: moderate - difficult



"Wonderful Brocken - view from the Scharfenstein"


The Harzer Wandernadel on the Scharfenstein - Tour


Three stamps from the Harzer Wandernadel can be collected along the Scharfenstein tour.

stamp no. 3: Am Kruzifix

stamp no. 1: Eckertalsperre (Staumauer)

You have to care attention with this stamp, the circular route does not lead you directly past it, take the short branch to the dam wall with you, get the stamp and have a look at the border point of the former German - German border.

stamp no. 2: Scharfenstein (Rangerstation)

All 3 stamps can also be stamped in the special booklet on the Harzer Grenzweg.

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