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Our museums

Culture in Ilsenburg

Ilsetal National Park Visitor Centre

Find out more about the beech forests around Ilsenburg

Our national park house is located in the Ilsetal - diagonally across from the large parking lot on the southern outskirts of Ilsenburg. After visiting our exhibition on life in the beech forest, you are well prepared for your forays through the forests around Ilsenburg and the wild and romantic Ilsetal. There is also a lot to discover in the garden of the National Park House. On the upper floor of the house, changing photo exhibitions invite you to pay repeated visits.

opening hours:

Tuesday to Sunday: 8.30 am – 4.30 pm

Monday is closed, except on public holidays

Free admission

Ilsetal 5 . Nationalparkhaus Ilsetal . 38871 Ilsenburg . +49 39452/89494


More Information


"Discover nature in the Ilsetal National Park House"


Iron Museum


in the Fürst-Stolberg-Hütte, Eduard - Schott – Straße 3

In the newly opened museum of the historic center of iron smelting in Ilsenburg, the story from the beginning of production in racing furnaces 700 years ago, in piece furnaces, "high furnaces", refining furnaces, cupola furnaces to the future generation of direct reduction plants based on hydrogen technology is told in a clear way. Short films, functional models, murals, extensive individual exhibits and collections document the rapid technical development and special features of iron ore mining in the Harz region as well as the transition from forging to rolling. Forgotten facts of the development of the iron industry were brought back to life. Judge for yourself.

opening hours:

Closed from January to March 2024, group registration possible by telephone arrangement.         

Starting in April, every Thursday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

entry is free

groups with guided tours:   

price: 2,00€ per person.

contact person: 
Mrs. Eggert, Tel. 039452/807457 . E-Mail: eggert-bauelemente@web.de
touristinformation, Tel. 039452/19433 . E-Mail: info@ilsenburg.de
Dr. Klaus Oppermann, Tel. 039452/89059 . E-Mail: klaus-oppermann@gmx.de


Eduard-Schott-Straße 3. Fürst Stolberg Hütte . 38871 Ilsenburg

"Iron Museum in the Fürst-Stolberg-Hütte"


The Hütten- und Technikmuseum

The development of Ilsenburg's cottage

The exhibition offers exciting insights into the eventful history of the city. A plenty of pictures of well-known Ilsenburg artists tell stories from people's lives and a collection of descriptive models and exhibits reflect the historical development of the local iron and steel industry using a wide variety of technical processes.


The “Hütten- und Technikmuseum” is closed from renovations..

The new adress and telephonenumber for the administration is from 01.05.2020:
Hütten- und Technikmuseum/Verwaltung, Marktplatz 1, 38871 Ilsenburg – 039452/481686




"Experience the history of Ilsenburg"


The Heimatstube Ilsenburg

The past life in Ilsenburg

The art casting exhibition, which can be found in the former Fürst Stolberg Hütte, offers an interesting insight into former life in Ilsenburg.

Opening times:

upon consultation


Eduard-Schott-Str. 1-6 . 38871 Ilsenburg 039452/80731 . contact person Mr. Eggert


The Komturhof


„curia de comtures“

In 1468 the Komturhof was first mentioned as "curia de comtures" in the document book of the Ilsenburg monastery. The stand construction still in existence today dates from this period. Since then, the farm has been used as an economic courtyard and commander's forester for the German Order of Langeln, from 1840 as a count's forester's house, from 1930 as an official residence of the Prussian State Forestry Administration and from 1945 as a residence. In 1994 the local history association opened the local history museum after the listed buildings had been professionally renovated. A party room is available for education and socializing.

Opening times:

Wednesday 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Im Winkel 3 . 38871 Darlingerode . 03943-605532 . post@komturhof-darlingerode.de


"Here you can experience history up close."

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