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Experience Ilsenburg with four-legged friends

Tips and hikes for an unforgettable holiday with your dog

The goal is set, you want to spend your vacation in Ilsenburg, but don't want to do without your faithful companions? We have searched for great offers and accommodation for you in Ilsenburg, Darlingerode and Drübeck, so that you can spend your holiday with your dog with us without any worries. Whether adventurous hikes, great accommodation or simply tips for short walks through the city, you will find everything you need here.

Dog-friendly accommodations
Some of our hosts have specially adapted to the needs of our four-legged guests and have some of their offers certified with the paw classification of the DTV (Deutscher Tourismusverband e.V.). You can find a detailed overview of dog-friendly accommodation at www.ilsenburg-tourismus.de/Urlaub-mit-Hund.

Medical supplies
veterinarian dr vet medical Thomas Fritzsche, Harzburger Strasse 24, 38871 Ilsenburg, phone 039452 84170

Breed Specific Grooming Dog
salon Herbst, owner Nicole Herbst, Kastanienallee 5, 38871 Ilsenburg, phone 039452 87753

Dog boarding & feed shop
"Best Beute" with dog boarding, feed shop and linen manufacturer, Harz region, phone Jasmin Schwetjer 017664701319 and Mario Schwetjer 017664387960

Harz National Park & Harz Hiking
Pin Dogs are very welcome in the Harz National Park, but please only on a leash. Even our most faithful companion can become weak if he gets his nose at deer calf or lynx. Spare the wild animals the dangerous rush and your dog the danger of disappearing between often meter-deep granite chasms. As a reward for four-legged hikers, you can get the four-paw badge of the Harzer Wandernadel, from us at the Tourist Information Ilsenburg and at www.harzer-wandernadel.de.

Well prepared is half hiked

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