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to Ilsenburg – the most charming town in the Harz Mountains

Be enchanted and become an Ilsenburg fan! The small town near the border to the National Park at the foot of the Brocken mountain welcomes you for recreation and for a relaxing vacation in the middle of beautiful Harz nature.

Climb on the highest mountain of the Harz, the Brocken, and you will be walking on the most beautiful hiking trail. Discover the wild mountainous region with tours led by the National Park rangers. Emerge into the unique history of the region – running between the "German Green Belt, a nature reserve along the former Iron Curtain, and monastery walls between Goslar and Wernigerode.

Keep in sight the Harz mountains on a bicycle tour through the Harz forelands and relax in Ilsenburg hotels, boardinghouses or holiday flats. In Ilsenburg you are sure to spend an enchanting vacation: whether it is enjoyed on your own or with a partner or with the whole family! You will get the best tips and advice for your stay from the employees of the Tourist Information. Please give us a ring or call in!


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"We were very enthusiastic about the tours around Ilsenburg." - family from Dresden


Through the mystical landscapes

Hiking in and around Ilsenburg

In the 18th and 19th century, the German poets, Goethe and Heine, felt inspired to write travel reports about this climatic health resort more than 1000 years old. To honour Heine, the most beautiful and attractive climb up the Brocken was named "Heinrich-Heine-Wanderweg". It is an area that offers a wide range of diverse leisure activities.

Diverse experiences

There are guided tours of the town and a variety of leisure offers in and around Ilsenburg

Discover the whole Ilsenburg adventure world now!
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"Family holidays in Ilsenburg are just so much fun!" 


Current events in and around Ilsenburg

In addition to relaxation in nature and cultural expeditions, you can experience tradition, music and comedy in Ilsenburg. Celebrate the traditional festivals with the Ilsenburgers or listen to a moving concert behind the monastery walls.


15.06. - 16.06. 9. Benefiz-Flohmarkt
Fürst Stolberg Hütte 10:00 bis 17:00 Uhr >
15.06. Tag der offenen Tür bei der Freiwilligen Feuerwehr Ilsenburg
Freiwillige Feuerwehr Ilsenburg 14:00 bis 18:00 Uhr >
15.06. Naturlesezeit für Kinder zwischen 4 und 8 Jahre
Baumwipfelresort "Lug ins Land" 16:00 bis 16:45 Uhr >
18.06. Blutspende
Harzlandhalle 15:00 bis 19:30 Uhr >
22.06. "Johannis im Kloster"
Kloster Drübeck 15:00 Uhr >
26.06. Mit dem Ranger den neuen Wald entdecken
Nationalparkhaus 10:00 Uhr >

Ob Konzert oder Kultur, ob anspruchsvoll
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Veranstaltung für jeden Geschmack

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"The Brockenlauf in September attracts runners from all over the world. The traditional run is a must for every athlete!" Family M., Bremen

Warm hosts

invite you to a wonderful time in Ilsenburg

Not only how, but also where you bed is crucial for a good night's sleep! You can find a restful night's sleep here in Ilsenburg, accompanied by the quiet babbling of the Ilse or the call of a owl. Last but not least, our warm hosts take care of your well-being so that you feel at home in our tranquil Harz town. Whether a star hotel, guest house, holiday home, holiday apartment, holiday room, monastery or mobile home - no matter what you feel like - Ilsenburg offers you a wide range of individual holidays.



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Vacation homes
from 30 € per night

Vacation flats
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Motorhome parking spaces

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