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Welcome to Ilsenburg

The most charming town in the Harz Mountains

The small town near the border to the National Park at the foot of the Brocken mountain welcomes you for recreation and for a relaxing vacation in the middle of beautiful Harz nature.The city center convinces with romantic streets, sparkling ponds and a restful, natural character. Harz -typical half-timbered houses, a lovingly designed city center, small streets and cozy courtyards - all this makes Ilsenburg the pearl at the foot of the Brocken. From the market place directly by the Forellenteich you can discover the diversity of the city best. Stroll through the streets, enjoy the silence and beauty of Ilsenburg. Discover Ilsenburg on a city tour or a combined tour!

Classic City Tour:                                                                    Combined tour: city & monastery

duration:   about 1,5 hours                                                     duration:    about 2 hours

price:         45,00 EUR up to 20 people                                    price:         75,00 EUR up to 20 people

                  60,00 EUR 21-30 people                                                          102,00 EUR 21-30 people


more guided tours 


Are you curious? You can book guided tours on +49 39452/19433!



Take a detour into the past of Ilsenburg. The Ilsenburger Eisenpfad takes you through the industrial history of the Harz city. Ilsenburg was already a place of iron production and processing in the early Middle Ages. It still is today. "From ore to metal" the educational path leads you along the Ilse watercourse through Ilsenburg history and ends at the Prinzess-Ilse source, a water drinking point that rises directly from the mountain. The Kunstgussmuseum of Ilsenburg shows the development of the iron and steel industry and the art casting of the Ilsenburger hut from the early 16th to the 20th century as well as the romantic painting by Ilsenburg artists. In the same building there is also the city library, which regularly organizes great book flea markets. The Heimatstube, which is located in the former Fürst Stolberg Hütte, offers an interesting insight into former life in Ilsenburg. It shows many interesting art castings that are reminiscent of the earlier iron production in Ilsenburg. Exciting lectures and events also take place in the Fürst Stolberg Hütte.

Drübeck and Darlingerode


Discover the warmth of the districts

The two districts of Ilsenburg are picturesquely situated on the edge of the national park. Ilsenburg, Darlingerode and Drübeck have belonged together since July 2009 and offer both day tourists and overnight guests the ideal conditions for a relaxing holiday. The small settlement of Drübeck with the former name "Dri Beke" (Three Streams) formed a unit with the monastery Drübeck for many centuries. Today Drübeck is of great importance in tourism. To the east of the monastery is the village's St. Bartholomew's Church, which was built at the end of the 19th century on the site of a previous medieval building. The recreation forest Drübeck is also worth seeing. In addition to the opportunity for active relaxation, it also offers forest-related education for children and young people. In the certified forest area, great importance is attached to the well-groomed condition of paths and banks and special attention is paid to the preservation of biotope trees and mixed forest.


"Each district has its own special character"


If you are looking for silence and want to experience something individually, then Darlingerode is the right place for you. To the east of Ilsenburg is the "Darlingeröder Schweiz". Low-frequented, beautiful hiking trails lead through hilly, meadow-rich area with a view of the Harz Mountains and the wide Harz foothills. Enjoy a touch of "Swiss atmosphere" here! For a break from hiking, the Darlingerode district offers many resting places at idyllic ponds with a view of unspoiled nature. For example, the Bruch landscape park is in the district. It is a unique low moor area. Also worth seeing are the Laurenthius-Church, dating back to the Middle Ages, and the Altenroder Saint-Katharinen - Church. You can find out interesting things about the way of life back then in the Heimatstube on the Komturhof Darlingerode. It is in a tranquil half-timbered building, which is still lovingly maintained by the Heimatverein Darlingerode e.V. Great events take place regularly in the Sandtalhalle. You can get information about this in the Sandtalhalle at +49 3943/602510.

The nature in town

Parks and gardens to relax

Ilsenburg and the districts of Drübeck and Darlingerode have a lot of nature to offer to relax. You don't have to hike far for that. If you want to relax and are looking for silence, you can stay in one of the many parks or take a short evening stroll through the lovingly landscaped nature in the towns. Beyond the dam that borders the trout pond in the center of Ilsenburg is the Friedenspark, the former Bürgerpark. The festival meadow located directly in the Ilsetal offers many experiences for young and old. Don't forget our castle park at Ilsenburg monastery. Here you will find peace and quiet behind historic monastery walls. There are also beautiful parks and gardens in the districts where you can linger and relax.


Parks and gardens

"Take a deep breath in Ilsenburg"

Well prepared is half hiked

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