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The beautiful path to the Brocken

On the traces of Heinrich Heine

The approximately 24-kilometre-long (back and forth) Heinrich-Heine-Weg, leading up to highest mountain of the Harz, the legendary Brocken, is the most beautiful trail to the Brocken. In 1824, the poet followed this way on his Harzreise. Through untamed beech forest, passing bizarre rock formations the hiking trail leads through the Ilsetal, along the Ilse falls. The Heinrich-Heine-Weg is a continuous climb, before the last kilometres lead on a steep track to the summit of the Brocken.

On the way back you can choose to either go back down along the Heinrich-Heine-Weg or you first follow the Brockenstraße in the direction of Schierke and then turn left after about 3 kilometers onto the "Gelben Brink", which then leads along the Verdeckten Ilse to the Bremer Hütte and the Ilse Falls and then continue downhill back through the Ilsetal to Ilsenburg.

DURATION: about 8 hours

LENGTH: about 24 kilometres



"The most beautiful, but also the hardest way up to the Brocken"

The "Harzer Wandernadel" on the Brocken-tour

Up to 4 stamps from the "Harzer Wandernadel" can be collected along the Heinrich Heine path to the Brocken, as well as on the return trip over the Gelben Brink.

stamp no. 6: Obere Ilsefälle (Bremer Hütte)

stamp no. 8: Stempelsbuche

stamp no. 9: Brockenhaus

The stamp no. 9 can also be stamped in the special booklets on Goetheweg, Harzer Hexenstieg and Harzer Grenzweg.

stamp no. 22: Gelber Brink

The stamp no. 22 can also be stamped in the special booklets on the Harzer Hexenstieg.

The "Heinrich-Heine-Weg" in the Tourplaner 

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