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Our monasteries

Discover very old cultural treasures

Join us for a journey in time through the past 1000 years. Learn more about life in monasteries in the Middle Ages behind the historic monastery walls of Ilsenburg and Drübeck. Start a search for cultural traces in Ilsenburg and its surroundings!


The Ilsenburg Abbey

The Ilsenburg Abbey was founded as early as around 1018 and once numbered among the most influential Benedictine monasteries in the Harz area. The abbey church SS Peter and Paul has got unique fragments of a gypsum tile floor from the 12th century. Have a look at the interesting preserved and restored buildings of the south and east wing with refectory and chapter house. The foundation Ilsenburg Abbey supported by the society „Freunde und Förderer Kloster Ilsenburg e.V." is restoring the site step by step. Numerous concerts and events have been attracting many visitors to these atmospheric rooms.


Guided tours in the monastery church can be booked with us in the Tourist Information (039452/19433).

Free Wi-Fi in the monasteries

You want to google information about the monasteries on the spot with your mobile phone?

No problem! Recently, free Wi-Fi from the Romanesque Road and the Garden Dreams is available in both monasteries. Just take out your mobile phone and look for current events in the monasteries, information about the gardens or the Romanesque road.


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The Drübeck Abbey

The Benedictines used to live at Drübeck Convent, in a distance of only a few kilometres. The Kloster St. Vitus was probably built in around 960 and the relating abbey church has been marking the town silhouette until today. Drübeck Convent belongs to the Lutheran Church of Central Germany and is today a conference site, pastoral college, pedagogic-theological institute and at the same time a haven. The spacious premises with its uniquely restored convent gardens invite you to linger. The monastery site is the only one of the touristic route „Gartenträume Sachsen Anhalt", which makes you rediscover historic parks. During a guided tour in the convent you will discover the wonderful nature of the Drübeck convent.


You can book monastery tours directly under 039452/94300. Tip from us You should visit the Klostercafé!

Die Monasteries in 360 Degree

Turn around the monasteries

You have probably already noticed the 360 degree panoramas. Here you can take a look at the monastery complexes and gardens. Check for accessibility or prepare for your cultural journey behind the scenes of the monastery. The panoramas were made available to us by erlebnisland.de.


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Discovering traces of the past

A hiking tour on the Harzer Klosterwanderweg

The monasteries do not only enthuse lover of Romanesque style. Families and hikers on the Harzer Klosterwanderweg (Monastery Hiking Trail) will have unforgettable impressions. Take your children on a discovery tour in the era of knights and kings with their impressive fortresses and castles, and arise interest in exciting history and culture. Our tip: Get yourself an Stamp Booklet for the Klosterwanderweg at our Tourist Information and collect the special monastery stamps.


To the Harzer Klosterwanderweg

"The hike from Ilsenburg Monastery to Drübeck Monastery on the Harzer Klosterwanderweg is not difficult, we were able to make a great pilgrimage and relax!" - Family from Berlin

Well prepared is half hiked

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