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Our Churches

The Saint Peter & Paul Church

The romantic castle and monastery church

The church at monastery Ilsenburg rises on the eastern bank of the Ilse and is one of the stops on the Romanesque road. The church building, which still exists today, was consecrated in 1087 and contains unique fragments of plaster screed from the 12th century. The still preserved and restored buildings of the south and east wing with refectory and capital hall are among the oldest Romanesque interiors in the Harz region.

opening hours

November - April: Monday, Tuesday closed  -  Wednesday-Sunday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
May - October: Monday closed  -  Tuesday-Sunday 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Schlossstraße 26 . 38871 Ilsenburg . 039452/19433 . www.kloster-ilsenburg.de


The Saint Marienchurch

The church with the colorful Marienwindows

Built as a hospital church in 1131, this Romanesque church is the parish church of Ilsenburg. The current tower building dates from 1879. The baptismal font was donated by the last abbot of the Ilsenburg monastery in 1551. With a wheelchair the church can only be reached through the side entrance.

opening hours:

daily from 10:00 - 16:00


Schloßstraße . 38871 Ilsenburg . + 49 3945-2637 www.ev-kirche-brockenblick.de 

The Saint Benedikt Church

The Catholic Church

In 1932 the church building site was bought and on September 1, 1934 the groundbreaking ceremony followed. The foundation stone was laid on October 7, 1934, and on March 31, 1935 the new church was benedicted by Dean Brandt. The parish from Wernigerode also supported the construction. After the church had been renovated, a new altar was consecrated on November 1, 2003 by the auxiliary bishop at the time, Gerhard Feige, and the ambo and tabernacle were also renewed.

 The Catholic church, which is around 270 meters above sea level, was built according to plans by the architect Wilhelm Ulrich from Halle (Saale). The Benedict statue in front of the oculus above the entrance portal was erected in 2015. Stained glass windows on the north wall of the church are dedicated to Saints Henry II and Benedict, and a crucifix depicting the four symbols of the Evangelists is placed above the front door. Sacrificial candles can be placed in front of a copy of the miraculous image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. The church pews leave a central aisle free and offer 48 seats. There are 14 Stations of the Cross on the side walls, which are designed as wooden reliefs. A hanging cross and a statue of St. Hedwig von Andechs, which comes from a former children's home in Ilsenburg, are attached to the back wall of the sanctuary. The tabernacle is embedded in a corner of the wall.

Service times:

Saturday 6:00 p.m

Tuesday 6:00 p.m


Schlossstraße 36a . 38871 Ilsenburg . + 49 3943-634218

The Saint Vitus Church

The church building from the ottonian period

The monastery church of St. Vitus belonging to the monastery shapes the local silhouette in Drübeck and forms the centerpiece of the monastery complex. The monumental west building of the monastery church is visible far above the roofs of the village. The core structure of the monastery church from the late 10th and early 11th centuries, in addition to the Gernröder collegiate church, occupies a prestigious place in the history of early sacred church building in the Ottonian period.

opening hours

monastery church: 6.30 am to 7.00 pm

Guided tours by appointment


Klostergarten 6 . 38871 Drübeck . +49 39452/94300 https://kloster-druebeck.de/en/

The Saint Bartholomäus Church

The humble church with barrel vaults

The oldest written record of this church dates is from 1259, but for sure the building or a Predecessor can also be older. The floor plan corresponds to the usual scheme of the multi-part country church, which consists of a tower, a nave, an altar house and an apse. The bell was cast in 1667 by bell founder Heyse from Wolfenbüttel. After the old tower had to be demolished due to dilapidation, a new tower was built in 1863. In 1992 the nave was covered again. The organ dates from 1856 and was renovated after woodworm infestation in 2003.


Schulstraße 12 . 38871 Drübeck . www.ev-kirche-brockenblick.de

The Saint Laurentius Church

The roe stone building from romanesque times

The St. Laurentius is not like many churches on the highest point, but in the middle of the old village Darlingerode. The hall church built from roe stone, which originates from the romanesque period, was possibly built from 960 to 1024 and thus in the ottonian period. To the west of the nave is a church tower with an almost square floor plan and tent roof. The western portal and today's stained glass windows were only created in 1702.

Dorfstraße 38871 Darlingerode www.ev-kirche-brockenblick.de

The Saint Katharinen Church

The small quarry stone church

The Saint Katharinen Church is in the Bokestrasse, in the former Altenrode. It has stood there since the 12th century and has the character of an old fortified church. It stands on the highest point of the former Altenrode and at the same time on the watershed of the two large German rivers Elbe and Weser. In its history, the Saint Katharinen Church has undergone several renovation phases and renovations.

Bokestraße . 38871 Darlingerode . www.ev-kirche-brockenblick.de

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