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The Harzer Klosterwanderweg

A path that connects the Harz monasteries from Goslar to Quedlinburg

The Harzer Klosterwanderweg (Monastery Hiking Trail) invites for a pilgrimage tour through the Harz mountains. From Thale to Goslar via Drübeck and Ilsenburg the path leads in parts through lonely landscapes and over narrow paths. Escaping from everyday life, letting thoughts flow and recollecting yourself is possible here. You will be walking on parts of the "Straße der Romanik" (Romanesque Road) and discover a few monasteries of our region. You have to count from three to six days including overnight stays, among others at the Drübeck Convent, to ramble along the approximately 74 kilometres with its planned stages. Discover also the unique 15 Angel Benches "Engelsbänke" along the Harzer Klosterwanderweg, with stylised angel wings. The benches are decorated with individual words of blessing and a QR-Code with information on the trails and places.


DURATION: about 21 hours

LENGTH: about 95 kilometres



Proposal Stages:

1. Stage Goslar - Vienenburg 13,9 km  approx. 3:30h

Stage description

2. Stage Vienenburg - Ilsenburg  20,2 km approx. 5:00h

Stage description

3. Stage Ilsenburg - Wernigerode 12 km  approx. 3:15h

Stage description

4. Stage Wernigerode - Blankenburg 18,3 km approx. 5:00h

Stage description

5. Stage Blankenburg - Thale 9,7 km approx. 2:40h 

Stage description

6. Stage Thale - Quedlinburg 20,1 km approx. 5:15h

Stage description


"The hike from Ilsenburg Monastery to Drübeck Monastery was a nice and small insight into the whole path" - Family from Braunschweig

From monastery to monastery

Our small hiking suggestion to start ...

You want to hike the Harzer Klosterwanderweg, but you don't have time for all the kilometres? Or do you want a little insight to get your taste? Then we have just the right tour for you! Hike from Ilsenburg Monastery to Drübeck Monastery through our beautiful countryside. Explore the monastery gardens, which are part of the "Gartenträume" (garden dreams). Move along parts of the Romanesque road and find your very personal way into the pilgrimage experience.



LENGTH: 3,4 kilometres

DURATION: approx. 1 hour


The Klosterwanderweg in the Tour planner 

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