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Nature experiences

The beautiful nature around Ilsenburg

UNESCO-Geopark Harz

Many things to see and experience: impressive nature, unique biodiversity – but also geological phenomena and the unique mining tradition of many hundred years can be admired in the region. Extensive information on the Harz region and its natural and cultural treasures are provided by the Regionalverband Harz e. V.. As an institution of the Nature and UNESCO-Geoparks they offer flyers, brochures and maps and maintain many information boards in the area.


The Ilsestein

The proud rock with terrific view to Ilsenburg

The Ilsestein is granite rock formation within the Nationalpark Harz. From there you have a dreamlike view to the Brocken and to the entire area of the Ilsetal. You reach the Ilsestein with its 474 metres height on an easy hiking tour which is also feasible with children. Take a rest and enjoy the view around.


"Wonderful panorama in every season."


The Ilsefälle

The small Ilse falls in the picturesque Ilse valley

South west of Ilsenburg, in the Ilsetal, the Ilse river flows over smaller, naturally aligned water falls downstream. The Heinrich-Heine-Weg, our most beautiful path to the Brocken, leads along the Ilsefälle. Standing there you can watch the may listen to the natural spectacle of the Ilse descending.


"Wonderful, small waterfalls - always a perfect photo opportunity."


Well prepared is half hiked

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