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guided tours

in and around Ilsenburg

Our eventful tours give you insights into the exciting past of Ilsenburg. Discover the hidden sides of the city on a guided tour, for example.

The guided city tour

the historical 1.5 hours tour

picturesque lanes, old half-timbered houses, idyllic situated ponds - get to know Ilsenburg with a guided city tour.

The walk leads you over the magnificent marketplace, through the contorted alleys of the old town, where you can guess the medieval bustle. You visit the "Vogelmühle" (mill of birts), one of the few preserved mills with a reconstructed grinder and listen to stories and sagas from the millennial history of Ilsenburg. 


group of 20 persons: 45,00 €

group from 21-30 persons: 60,00 €

more: in german, partly barrier-free, from 21 persons the group we will split the group. 

duration: ca. 1.5 hours . Tourismus GmbH Ilsenburg . +49 (0) 39452/19433

discover Ilsenburg with our city tour

The combined guided tour

the two hours tour through the history of Ilsenburg and the monastery

Walk to the idyllic centre and dip into the history and culture of the monastery church!

To allow oneself to be led through the romantic streets of Ilsenburg. Started with the glittering "Forellenteich" (pond) near by the peace park the way leads you to the church of the monastery, where you can get excited from the history of the monastery, the development of the city and the romantic road.


group of 20 persons: 75,00 €

group of 21-30 persons: 102,00 €

more: in german, partly barrier-free, from 21 persons the group will be split

duration: ca. two hours . Tourismus GmbH Ilsenburg . +49 (0) 39452/19433

Ilsenburg: Discover city & monastery

Virtual city tour


Small independent tour through Ilsenburg


Would you like to explore Ilsenburg on your own?

The virtual city tour is perfect for you. On an approximately 3km long route through Ilsenburg you will explore the history of the city using QR codes.

The tour lasts about an hour and is really fun even for curious children.

You can get a flyer as accompanying material from us at the tourist information office - directly on the market square in Ilsenburg - or as a download here.

And now - find the starting point - scan - immerse yourself in Ilsenburg's history.

Discover Ilsenburg on your own


The monastery tour

the 1,5 hour tour through the history of the monastery with abbess Christiane Elenore countess to Stolberg Wernigerode

Be fascinated by the story of the abbess Christiane Elenore countess to Stolberg Wernigerode, who guides you through the monastery in her old garment.


to 6 p.m.
Groups up to 10 persons:        75,00 €
Each additional person:           7,50 €

from 6 p.m.
Groups up to 10 people:          85,00 €
Each additional person:           8,50 €

Discount for pupils and students

Further information: April-September, depending on the weather, in German, partially barrier-free

duration: ca 1,5 hours, date arrangement: +49 (0) 39452 / 94307 

more informations to public tours

Let yourself be inspired by the tour of Drübeck Abbey

The tour on the "Eisenpfad"

An up to 3 hour journey through the development of the iron and steel - industry of Ilsenburg.

An exciting, histrorical journey to the past of Ilsenburg. The history of the evolution of the iron and steel - industrie is impressively clarified on the manufacture trail.

The "Eisenpfad" interferes industrial, historical and technological knowledge about the long, varied and successful way from the ore smelting to the modern heavy - plate production.


groups up to 20 people: 36,00 €

groups 21-30 people: 52,00 €

groups 31-40 people: 62,00 €

more: german, partly barrier-free

duration: ca 2-3 hours. Tourismus GmbH Ilsenburg . +49 (0) 39452/19433 

Guided tours are also offered in the Iron Museum.


"Experience nature, understand technology"


Garden dreams tour

The one hour tour through the castle park of Ilsenburg 

The monastery and castle ensemble is one of the cultural highlights of Ilsenburg. The castle park borders directly on this area and has been part of the "Garden Dreams" tourism project since 2017. The 20-hectare site is something special, because the design of the Ilsenburg palace park is based on English landscape gardens of the 19th century and shows a smooth transition into the adjacent forest. The old network of ditches and paths is also clearly visible.

Prices: Groups of up to 20 people: €35.00

More: in German, not barrier-free

Duration: 1 hour

Tourist Information Ilsenburg . 039452/19433


"Nature and history in harmony"


Guided hikes


Guided hikes through the Harz nature are offered by the Harzklub Zweigverein Ilsenburg e.V. together with the hiking guide Tizian. Current hikes can be found here.



Well prepared is half hiked

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