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The Ilsestein-Tour

Blochhauer - Ilsestein - Plessenburg - Ilsefälle - Ilsetal

The circular hiking trail towards Ilsestein starts from the "Waldhotel am Ilsestein". Once there, the ascent to the cross should not be missed, from where you have a wonderful view of the Brocken and Ilsenburg. The Ilsestein service area invites you to linger. We continue towards Plessenburg, past the Paternoster cliffs with a panoramic view of Ilsenburg. When you arrive at the Plessenburg, the round trip leads over the Untere Gebbertsberg to the Ilse Falls. The path leads back through the Ilsetal past the Zanthierplatz below the Ilsestein.


DURATION: about 4 hours

LENGTH: about 13 kilometres





"The Brocken view from Ilsestein is breathtaking"


Raststätte Ilsestein & Waldgasthaus Plessenburg

The legendary "Ilsestein" rock formation extends high above the roofs of Ilsenburg at a height of 160 m above the valley. The "Raststätte Ilsestein" is the perfect place to linger on the ascent to the summit cross.

The further path leads to the Waldgasthaus Plessenburg, where a selection of home-style dishes awaits you.

"Enjoy a cozy atmosphere at the Waldgasthaus Plessenburg!"

The Harzer Wandernadel on the Ilsestein - Tour

3 stamps from the "Harzer Wandernadel" can be collected along the Ilsestein tour.

Stamp No. 30: Ilsestein

Stamp No. 7: Gasthaus Plessenburg

Stamp No. 6: Obere Ilsefälle (Bremer Hütte)

Hard-working hikers can take the 4-kilometer "detour" via stamp number 16, the Ferdinandsstein. But it is not directly on the "Ilsestein Tour".

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